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HOW TO ENSURE 100 % DELIVERY OF SMS,AVOID USAGE OF THE FOLLOWING SPAM WORDS IN SMS BODY/SENDER ID:WINNER, WON,PROMO, CONGRATULATION, MTN, 180,GLO, FBI, CIA, EFCC,CALL, HURRAY etc. ALWAYS INCLUDE HYPEN (-) IN NUMBERS eg TEL: 0706-955-5553 OR A/C NO :012-0854-885 , Plz Test across Networks b4 Sending SMS (Some blacklisting are network Specific)for Details +234-(706)955 5553 +++
Recent Problem with Bulk SMS Delivery & its Solution,All GSM Networks recently enabled a service called DND(Do not Disturb)Many subscribers has put their Nos on DND List,To avoid Bulk SMS,VAS promos, etc.)hence blocked Delivery&Reduced SMS Delivery ratio, To solve this issue on GLO, Airtel & Etisalat, Text "HELP" to 2442 on your phone for details on how to Opt Out. While for MTN Only Send "ALLOW" to 2442,Once the above is done the Number will be removed from the DND Service & will be able to receive Bulk SMS,if unblocking does not work for MTN with the above,de-activate it online via www.goo.gl/hxhSml +++ .inform all your clients,friend,members,etc.


"So You Want An Online Business That Sells"
Here is the surefire niche no one is telling you

"You Too Can Start Your Own BulkSMS Business in 2 hrs &

Easily Generate at least 250k Monthly profit

Even If You are a complete Beginner!"

BulkSMS is a Big Business Even GTBank have Launch Their Own”


Dear Friend,

If you want to start a business that will…

1. Be profitable

2. Grow exponentially

3. Doesn’t need a lot of capital to start

4. Can be run from anywhere and anyhow, especially part-time.


5. Does not require any apprenticeship or long period of study

I know just the kind of business you should start.

Here it is…

The Bulk SMS Business!

HERE IS AN OPPORTUNITY TO Start Your Own Bulk SMS Business In 2 hrs...

This is limited to the first 50 people. We are prepared to respond to only 50 people.



Why is this?

Why am I recommending you start a BULK SMS business out of the many thousands of business opportunities out in the world?

For starters, all of the 1-5 advantages I listed above applies to it.

Secondly, every month, about =N=5 Billion naira worth of SMS is sent in Nigeria. This is an opportunity to get your own share of the ‘national cake’ without stress. And when I say national cake...It's no joke. If what you have been doing online has not swollen your bank account then you have to quickly venture into this business now. And watch your account grow fatter as each day passes by.

Most people don’t know this, but each time a text message is sent to you or anybody else, someone, somewhere who runs a BULK SMS business is…

Making A Lot of Money

Think About This

"Imagine Yourself A Millionaire Mobile Marketer In

6 Months From Now Working Effortlessly From

Home On a Part-Time Basis?"

Here’s an analysis :

Let’s say a church/ Mosque or religious Organization near you (could be the one you attend), has 5000 members. And you happened to have a BULK SMS business. You have them use your BULK SMS portal (I’ll show you how very easy it is to get one) and they send an SMS twice a week,

It means in a year (52 weeks) you would have sold 520,000 SMS units them.

If you make a profit of just 50 kobo per SMS unit sold, it means you will earn N260,000 per year from this one Church/Mosque or religious Organization ! And you can do this EVERY YEAR.


Each time you or someone receive an SMS or voice call from church, mosque,

friends, Schools  etc, someone’s bank account was credited somewhere for that

message. I mean someone who owns the platform where those messages were

sent from.

Imagine if those messages were sent from your own portal to at least 200,000

people every month. Now let’s say you are charging N1.95 per SMS which is very

basic because some people charge as high as N4 per SMS even MTN, GLO, AIRTEL,

ETISALAT charges N4, and you are getting the SMS unit at 0.85kobo from your

gateway provider.

By simple mathematics: 200,000 X 1.95=N390, 000.  Now let’s assume the cost of

SMS unit from the Gateway provider is N0.70kobo per units (2 Units per/SMS) and you can even get it cheaper

than that. That’s 200,000 X 0.70 X 2 =N240,000 (Total cost of sending the SMS).

Now grab your calculator let’s calculate the profit…

Simple Formula: Total Amount charged – Cost of sending SMS = Profit

Remember, Total amount paid is N390, 000 while the cost of sending the SMS is

N240, 000. 

Put together…

N390, 000 - 240,000 = N150, 000 (Profit per month).

That's Cool N50, 000 flowing into your bank account every month from bulksms

alone. Multiply this by 11 month which is remaining for 2015

That’s N150, 000 X 11 = N1.65 Million a year from one channel of mobile marketing

business alone. Wouldn’t you be bouncing by December?  Am very much sure

That for 8-9 hours salary job to pay you N150, 000 a month, you much have some

good degree in education and invariably have climb to some certain level in service

and that job couldn't  even be guaranteed.

“Can You Now See Yourself A Millionaire

Mobile Marketer in 8 Month

And you can do this for

All Stores (Grocery, Department, Shoe, Clothing, etc.)
Restaurants (all types)
Religious Organizations ( churches, mosques, etc)
Bakeries/Coffee Shops
Hotels / Bars/Night Clubs
Health/Sports Clubs
Video Rental Stores
Car/Motorcycle/Boat Dealerships
Recreational/Social Organizations (Scouting, Rotary, Youth, Alumni, etc.)
Media Stations (Television, Radio, etc.)
Schools/Colleges/ Universities

Banks , Politicians


And Speaking of Politicians…

They are big spenders on bulk SMS.

Wouldn’t you like to send out election campaigns solicitations where politicians hire you to send bulk SMS to over 2 million people at once?

A friend of mine, Nkem Ifiok, handled the BULK SMS sending for one of the governorship candidates and he was paid over  =N=7,000,000 naira for his services!

Are you excited yet? Because that’s not all…

There Are Actually Three Major Ways 
You Can Make BIG Money 
With a Bulk SMS Business

1. Individuals will signup at your portal to buy and send SMS to their family, friends and other contacts. These are your "Personal Users".

2. Organizations, companies and churches will signup to buy and send SMS to their members. These are your "Group users".

3. Resellers (People who also want to own their own BULK SMS portals) will pay you huge money (you can charge =N=50,000 or even higher) to sign them up and they will start to buy SMS units in Bulk from you and sell to their customers. These are your "Sub-resellers".

Oh yes, you can help people set up these same portals.

The income possibilities are just endless and you can get started immediately! 

The next question I’m sure is,

But How Do I Get Started?

To start, you need a Bulk SMS portal.

And that’s where a little problem comes up for most people.

You see, before now, to set up a BULK SMS portal, you would need to source at least =N=350,000 for gateway access, website design, hosting etc.

You would also need to hire a full time developer on a huge monthly payroll, to make sure everything runs smoothly.

Not Anymore!

We have created a system where we can help you set up your own BULK SMS portal for you.

We …

  • Set up the gateway access for you
  • Create the website for you with bulksms, robo call and online payment functionality.
  • Set up the hosting for you

And not only that we give you

After setting up your premium BULK SMS portal for you, we will send you a user guide which explains in details how to profitably manage the portal.

We will also send you all the marketing materials you need to begin to attract clients like ants are attracted to Sugar.

What’s more?

We let you ride on our own infrastructure for less in cost while we give you more in value.

We let you ride on our own infrastructure for less in cost while we give you more in value.

Click this link to see  Features of  What The Portal We Will Set Up For You Will Look Like



Bonus # 1: Ultimate database of Nigerian mobile phone Sorted by LGA (worth N149k)


Bonus # 2 Verifiable 9ja GSM database with names & sex. Of two LGA’s of your choice (Worth N45k)


Bonus # 3: How to get  limitless google adwords coupons of 100dollars to run multiple advertisement for your Bulk SMS site, etc.  (Worth $300)


Bonus #4: Guide to Facebook and Google Ads Ebook


Bonus #5: Free Valid 500,000 Nigerian Emails and Bulk Mailer


 You can get started immediately.

Here’s how:

The Cost of Us Creating a Portal For You is

Only =N=50,000 Limited time offer

You can make payment in two ways:

Method # 1: Use the form below to Pay Online With Your ATM CARD



 Method #2: Bank Deposit/Transfer  of N=50,000
using the following account details

Account name: SuccessTrend IT Firm

Account Number: 0120854885

Bank: Guarantee Trust Bank

Once we receive notification from thee bank, your BULK SMS portal will be delivered in no more than 2 hours.

You're protected by an iron clad 100% you can't loose money back guarantee

If we don’t deliver on our promise to set up a BULK SMS portal that works for you, just let us know anytime and we will gladly refund your money happily.

We never want an unhappy BULK SMS reseller.

 Reserve Your Slot

.....Only 13 slot left 

 fill the form below to reserve your slot NOW

Your Name(*)
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Phone No(*)
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Your Email(*)
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Confirm You Are Not A Robot(*) Confirm You Are Not A Robot
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To Higher Prosperity & Beyond
Muhammad Adeleke
SuccessTrend SMS Team

P.S. If you ask me, I'll tell you this is one business you must regret later if you don't pop in right away. If you do need any further explanation, call our number, 0706-955-5553.now

P.P.S. If you are in Port-Harcourt, Rivers State, you can visit us at 75B, Woji Road, Rumuorolu, Port Harcourt. We will be glad to complement your financial independence effort.


Fill the form below to reserve your slot Now,

Limited Slot Available if you procastinate you may loose the promo offer and will have to wait till next year

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